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Apply for your exhibitor space at British Quilt & Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

Please be aware all contact details submitted on this booking form will be printed in the show guide, unless you specify otherwise. 

An Exhibitor is a Group or individual who wishes to exhibit their creative work.  They may also want to demonstrate skills and techniques and invite visitors to take part.  The Exhibitor cannot be a business with the sole purpose of selling goods (hand made kits, artworks etc), however if display items are sold the show would take a 10% commission from any sales, unless you are a charity in which case we do not impose the commission rule.

For any enquiries, please contact info@quiltandstitchvillage.com

Exhibitor Application

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We do have a certain amount of exhibition boards which we are able to construct for you but these are limited in number so if you do have your own display boards this would be helpful to us.

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